Sex is not an obligation, chore or a form of currency. It is both simple and complex. In its simplest terms sex is a natural and enjoyable activity that we humans to procreate. At its most complex, it is a psychological realm where kinks, desires and boundaries are safely explored and tested. 

In the wake of the recent #MeToo movement  which demonstrates widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment I wanted to explore consent in the context of etiquette. 

Ojigi (お辞儀), the Japanese way of greeting, is an essential part of Japanese culture. It is a sign of respect given by the person bowing to the person bowed before. 

The Red-crowned Cranes' unison dance is a ritual the pair will perform together many times over the years, to strengthen their lifelong bond. In Japanese tradition, the beloved crane is said to live 1,000 years and symbolizes longevity.  The pair moves rhythmically until they are standing close, throwing their heads back and letting out a fluting call in unison.